Monday, September 22, 2008

Network operational!!

August 14, 2008...the Research and Education network connection between the US and Pakistan becomes active...Packets are flowing across the connection.

We still have some work to do with the routing to be certain that networks in the US and in Pakistan are getting the appropriate routing information. But, this date is the unofficial end of the first phase (network construction phase) of the project. There will be an official "ribbon cutting" sometime in October between officials in the US and in Pakistan. Date TDB.

Now on to the second phase (and most important phase), encouraging and publicizing the use of the network in increasing and supporting research and education collaborations between the US and Pakistan.

Sidenote - You may have read about the terrible bombing of the Marriott in Islamabad. That was the backup hotel for me if I could not find room at the Serena. I'll take security a bit more seriously on my next visit...

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