Thursday, July 3, 2008

Contracts signed!!!

Well, my optimism from my last post (in April!!) was a bit misplaced. It has taken until today, July 3, to get a signed contract for the circuit between Singapore and Karachi which will officially provide the Pakistan R/E connection to the US and the global research and education community.

There is no particular blame to be placed for the delay. Rather, it is probably my naive nature for not anticipating the problems in dealing with 3 sets of lawyers, a government and a university.

But, that is all history now and we have a tentative circuit delivery window of August 1-15.

I hope to have more posts with additional information about the circuit and the applications running over the circuit soon.

But, right now, I am celebrating!!!!

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Tiffany said...

Celebrating! That is what everyone in America is doing with your safe return. We're glad our hero has returned home safely. We're eagerly awaiting news of your next adventure and lots of great blogging. You're the best, Mr. Williams - or is it Dr. Williams!